Team Everest’s 2nd Anniversary

My mother’s friend Kartheeban uncle invited me to Team Everest’s 2nd Anniversary. Thank you so much Kartheeban anna,  Oh Team Everest the greatest team ever. Why! Because it is great. OK what I mean by it Is helpful!. It is helpful by helping others and giving them food and shelter and money. For Everest 2nd anniversary they invited orphans, handicaps and poor people who they had helped. Oops I am very sorry ladies and gentle men please put your hands up for Mr.Kartheeban. He is the person who is the president for the teams. Lots of people came. Team Everest even invited poor, orphan and Roshnihome kids too. Roshni home kids danced, did yoga demonstration  and gave speech and did plays.Many special people who Everest helped were called to speak and then they called me. I felt like a famous celebrity and I felt really scared. But everybody was very nice to me they all claped for me. Even I felt a little shy but m mother cheered me up and told don’t worry.

I talked about wishing and expecting. I called Kartheeban anna as uncle and every laughed. Kartheeban anna I am very sorry for embarrassing your life.  I asked Kartheeban anna to ask all the questions. I had written down and he did it really well and I felt that all the people who where sitting there were enjoying the show. I felt that the children where really happy and cheerful.

When the kids put up a show about tress I thought something about the trees. One tree was called stupid and useless who was standing in the back. All the other trees were praising themselves. Then one big wind came and all the trees fell down and only the stupid useless tree was there. I learnt from this that you can praise yourself but not that much and you should not hurt others feelings. If you praise yourself too much then you will get something bad like all the other trees get.

Yes really I have known Sukumar uncle from when I was an infant. Sukumar uncle was the chief guest for Team Everest 2nd anniversary. He did a great job by telling a story, The story was a that a boy was in the beach and throwing fish back into the sea. Then an old man came. The old man told that why are you only throwing five fish there are lots of other fish and you can’t throw them all. The little boy said that the fish I am throwing atleast they can survive. From this story I understood that there are so many poor people who we cannot help but atleast we can help a few.

Folks, please help children to get money and go to school. Please don’t do child laboring, it is very bad and you are hurting them. If you have celebrated diwali and if you had not checked the diwali crackers, sometimes in some crackers there might be a sign of child laboring. My school taught me this. Next time when you burst crackers please check if there is a sign of child laboring.