Posted On August 24, 2008

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We  were  together  like   Hindu  ,Muslim  ,Sikh   ,Christian,Jews   and  many  more   religions during the freedom fight. But now we are all into pieces and we are all not together. On 23rd August I went to a show that was with light music and dance. In one song they sang


‘Come back as Jesus,

come back as Rama,

come back as Allah,

come back as every one.

Come and save all the boys and girls’


This means there is only one god. If in all the religions there are different gods what is the point. Because if for every religion there is lots of god, then god only loves people of that releigion.That is not nice, so god is just one.


God is great,

God is energy,

God is love,

God is everything,

God knows but we don’t