The change of the world

Posted On September 14, 2008

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We are changing the world. You are asking how? Let me tell you, by increasing global warming. What is global warming? Global warming is similar to polluting. In a few years or many the earth will be fully trashed. It would be like a garbage can, horrible.  



I saw a movie called Wall-E. In that the world was like a garbage can. They show earth from space .Garbage was floating all over the atmosphere. Earth was light brown in color. I felt very sorry for earth. I thought my mother land was getting ruined. There were no plants at all and no human beings. All the people were in space and got back, how? This is were the story beings. I will tell you. There are lots of robots in the space shuttle. One robot is called Eve. She was looking for something green like a plant on earth so that people could go back home. With the help of Wall-E the only robot on earth and his pet cockroach Eve found a plant. The captain of the spaceship looked at it and told we are going back to earth. And they went back and planted the plant and a few days passed there were many more plants. The people got food and they made their own city.  



The moral of the story is to stop the global warming. Ten reasons for global warming 



1.  Too much of lights

2.  Throwing garbage

3.  Water pollution

4.  Dust from garbage

5.  Smoking and smoke

6.  Cutting down trees

7.  Preventing clouds

8.  Killing animals

9.  Chemical and

10. Bombs



These are some of the ten things that are reasons for global warming, My mother’s friend Vidhyu aunty’s son Adithya Rao has beautifully sung a song called Dream In where he told Be the change you wish to be.



 Please see this link.



Please do not do any of the ten and save the world from global warming by being the change. I want all the kids to know this.These are the 10 things I do to prevent global warming. 


  1. I will make a big speech in my school on global warming
  2. I will turn off lights when not needed
  3. I wont throw garbage
  4. I wont waste papers too much or tear papers
  5. I wont pluck plants I will grow trees
  6. I will not use too much of water and I will keep water clean
  7. I will be nice with animals and not hurt them
  8. I will tell everybody not to make too loud noise
  9. I will not waste plastic bags
  10. And I will always think positive about earth