Never Give Up

I was very weak in maths. My tuition teacher had given me lots of sums. At first I was very lazy. I have underlined lazy because I don’t feel bad to admit that I was lazy.
But then I thought ‘Why am I doing this’. So started studying so hard that in my maths test I got 19 out of 20. I was very happy and proud of myself. If my tuition teacher had not helped me I would have got low marks. From B + last time I have got A+ this time.


Always do something, be brisk and healthy
Always eat healthy food (seriously folks I don’t eat healthy food except when I eat my lunch. But these days I have been given only healthy food for snacks also)
You know I also like jokes, let me tell you one “One day a man and his friend were talking and the man said oops one minute I need to call my dentist. The other person asked why should you call a dentist to repair your phone. For that the man said because I have a Bluetooth” get it, the Bluetooth.

No more fooling around, let me tell you the logical reason for not being lazy. Just stay in the moment and then you cannot be lazy.

My special thanks to my tuition teacher Priya akka and sorry for writing after a long time. I was busy with my studies.