Just Believe in Yourself

Posted On August 7, 2008

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I read a book called ‘Shirley’s bad  hair  day’. Shirley is a small girl and she is worried  about her hair. She checks all of the hair styles but nothing suits her, so then she decides to change her hair back to normal. So the moral of the story is ‘don’t think you are not looking beautiful just beleive in yourself.

I beleived this more when I saw the movie Kungfu Panda.There was a Panda called Poh! he was very fat and plump and he did not like himself. So everyone did not like him either. But he always dreamt of becoming a kungfu warrior. One day there was a ceremony to pick the dragon warrior and was in the Jai palace. His father had a noodle shop and he asked Poh to sell noodles at the ceremony. Poh could not reach the palace because there were too many steps and it was on a mountain plus he had to carry a cart. But  he landed in the ceremony somehow and got chosen as the dragon worrier. The true dragon warrior was given an award that gave all the secrets of the universe. When Poh! opened it there was nothing written on it and he could only see himself on the paper. The moral of the story is, you are your secret and you should just beleive in yourself.

August 8th is my birthday and I beleive that I will have a great birthday. I beleive in myself.



Posted On July 20, 2008

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Water respects us so much.

But we don’t respect it the way it does to us.

We waste water so much.

I would say that I would save water.


A day with out water


We won’t have water and can’t brush our teeth or have bath.

I would first of all say the plants will all droop and have less oxygen.

We will not be able to breath and we will be thirsty and we will not be able to eat.

We are polluting the oceans and rivers and let water creatures to die.

We are cutting down trees and have less rain.


So respect water and save water.

Why is the world fighting?

Posted On June 29, 2008

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I the sky am so Blue

I the wind blow so hard

I the water flow like Blood

I the land am so hard

I the earth stay for Zillion years

But why is the world fighting – Answer?

This means that nature is powerful and does not say ‘I am stronger than you, you are stronger than me”. They do not fight with each other. We are also a part of nature we are also a little powerful but why do we fight?

Wishing and Expecting

Posted On June 15, 2008

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Q ) Expecting – What is expecting?

A ) Expecting is when your mind only works but your heart says ‘no don’t do it’ but your mind forces your heart that the mind is the best.


Q) If you expect then what do you get?

A ) You get nothing.


Q ) Why ?

A ) That’s because your heart and your mind are not working together. Your mind is so selfish.


Q ) Oh! Then what is wishing?

A ) Wishing is really simple. When you wish your mind AND your heart works together.


Q ) What do you get?

A ) What ever you wish

Hello world!

Posted On June 15, 2008

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