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Posted On August 15, 2010

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Hi Folks,


Sorry for not blogging for so long. I was busy and lazy 🙂 . This blog is going to be all about me.

So let me start

I was born in Clearwater, FL,  U.S.A .I used to say “Shiya papa kami” which means in tamil “Show Shiya baby”. Then when I was 2 years old I moved to New York and I stayed there for 4 years, then I moved to India.When I was in first grade I had a lot of trouble with my friends and studies. But then I got used to it. I used to screame, shout, yell at my friends and parents. Suddenly like magic I have changed a lot. I was very bosy before and today my freind’s mother told my mother  that my friend Janani told her that i am a very calm and humble friendly person. I felt like AAAA!. This change happned after I did Art of living course called Art Excel.  All kids who are seeing this blog please join Art excel. It is very nice. You play, you dance and you get to do a lot of yoga and meditation.

Now I am in fifth grade and I love my school, I love my friends and studies.  Ooo! and one more thing, my friends names are Amrutha, Shrinidhi, Sarah, Jeanette, Kalolini and Alekiya. They are my best friends in school. We play, we sit together, share food, email each other, go for sleep overs. We also have a lot of fun at school. My favorite subject is science. I want to become a doctor when I grow up and help people.

What else do you want to know about me.  If you want to know more about me please reply to my blog


A Rainy Day

Posted On November 8, 2009

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Hey! Everybody. How are you? How is the rain in your place. Its bad near my place. OK Let me get to the point.!!!!!!

 Most of us know this poem and it goes like this

 Its Raining

Its Pouring

The Old man

Is Snoring

He went to bed

And bumped his head

And couldn’t wakeup

In the Morning 

What if we changed it !!!! What do you think about this

 Its Raining

Its Pouring

The Sky is so Boring

Because its Dark and

Its Raining 

STOP STOP STOP STOP!!!!!! Just wait Shreya. Just think how would a rainy day be fun? Why don’t you write that!!!!!!!

 Its Raining

Its Pouring

We are all Playing (in the house)

Its so much fun

Our School is Closing

No Homework Doing

Great Food is Cooking

We are Enjoying

Its Raining

Its Pouring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you think of this rainy picture


 Please do share your poem when you comment


Posted On October 16, 2009

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 Hey folks! I have a story to tell you about me. Its Diwali and everybody is going festive before diwali. I want to give you a few tips . Let me start the story.

Last year on diwali myself, my parents, sister and grandparents were bursting fire crackers and at the last we decided to put a giant fire work. We then burst that one, Wait for it! We couldn’t see it any more. We thought we need to wait then it fell down and burst. It hit my sister, mother and the sofa like swing. The swing caught on fire and my grandmother turned it off. See how dangerous fire can be.


1) Be safe from fire!!!!!

2) Always wear footwear.

3) Don’t stay too close to the crackers!!!

4) After burning the fire crackers immediately throw it in water or sand!

5) Last but not the least Go Green this Diwali

 Bye, Bye. Have a Safe Diwali!

Dreams Do Come True!

Posted On September 7, 2009

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Dreams Do Come True!Hey folks sorry I had not posted a blog for so many days. I actually was recovering from my accident. OK lets not talk about that. Now I am back and fresh as a daisy with scent in a flower pot. OK!!!!!!!!!!! calm down Shreya.

Let me start. My grandfather suddenly got sick and had Akki (an infection). 1st his ear bulged up and pained. He went to see the doctor . The doctor told its an insect bite that all and he left. Next morning he got up and his left face pulled up and he couldn’t speak, eat or do anything. I felt sorry for him. That one night I started crying closing my head with my blanket. My mother did not know till 1’o clock. I was crying and my mother found out and I told her the whole story. That night I had a dream that my grandfather recovered. I also wished a lot and here comes the big surprise. He is alright!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it is time to say good bye and don’t forget dreams do come true. Bye bye.


me shreya

Never Give Up

I was very weak in maths. My tuition teacher had given me lots of sums. At first I was very lazy. I have underlined lazy because I don’t feel bad to admit that I was lazy.
But then I thought ‘Why am I doing this’. So started studying so hard that in my maths test I got 19 out of 20. I was very happy and proud of myself. If my tuition teacher had not helped me I would have got low marks. From B + last time I have got A+ this time.


Always do something, be brisk and healthy
Always eat healthy food (seriously folks I don’t eat healthy food except when I eat my lunch. But these days I have been given only healthy food for snacks also)
You know I also like jokes, let me tell you one “One day a man and his friend were talking and the man said oops one minute I need to call my dentist. The other person asked why should you call a dentist to repair your phone. For that the man said because I have a Bluetooth” get it, the Bluetooth.

No more fooling around, let me tell you the logical reason for not being lazy. Just stay in the moment and then you cannot be lazy.

My special thanks to my tuition teacher Priya akka and sorry for writing after a long time. I was busy with my studies.

Nature and Me

Posted On December 15, 2008

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When I am feeling lonely I go out to my garden and I have a sofa like swing in my house. I sit on it and talk to the plants. Isn’t it amazing and they also talk back to me. How you can talk to them is just see them and then they’ll just suddenly talk.


I just love animals like anything. I pet them. I feel them and also play. Oops I almost forgot. I even talk to them and they too talk back to me. And you know what it feels like nature is part of me and I love nature the most.


One day when I was leaving school I had to pick my friend for our dance class. When I was waiting for her I saw a tiny spider. Suddenly I heard a voice and felt that the spider was talking to me and I also spoke to it. Then it was time to leave and I told the spider bye and left for my class.


You also do this and the world will be a better place to live then.



Team Everest’s 2nd Anniversary

My mother’s friend Kartheeban uncle invited me to Team Everest’s 2nd Anniversary. Thank you so much Kartheeban anna,  Oh Team Everest the greatest team ever. Why! Because it is great. OK what I mean by it Is helpful!. It is helpful by helping others and giving them food and shelter and money. For Everest 2nd anniversary they invited orphans, handicaps and poor people who they had helped. Oops I am very sorry ladies and gentle men please put your hands up for Mr.Kartheeban. He is the person who is the president for the teams. Lots of people came. Team Everest even invited poor, orphan and Roshnihome kids too. Roshni home kids danced, did yoga demonstration  and gave speech and did plays.Many special people who Everest helped were called to speak and then they called me. I felt like a famous celebrity and I felt really scared. But everybody was very nice to me they all claped for me. Even I felt a little shy but m mother cheered me up and told don’t worry.

I talked about wishing and expecting. I called Kartheeban anna as uncle and every laughed. Kartheeban anna I am very sorry for embarrassing your life.  I asked Kartheeban anna to ask all the questions. I had written down and he did it really well and I felt that all the people who where sitting there were enjoying the show. I felt that the children where really happy and cheerful.

When the kids put up a show about tress I thought something about the trees. One tree was called stupid and useless who was standing in the back. All the other trees were praising themselves. Then one big wind came and all the trees fell down and only the stupid useless tree was there. I learnt from this that you can praise yourself but not that much and you should not hurt others feelings. If you praise yourself too much then you will get something bad like all the other trees get.

Yes really I have known Sukumar uncle from when I was an infant. Sukumar uncle was the chief guest for Team Everest 2nd anniversary. He did a great job by telling a story, The story was a that a boy was in the beach and throwing fish back into the sea. Then an old man came. The old man told that why are you only throwing five fish there are lots of other fish and you can’t throw them all. The little boy said that the fish I am throwing atleast they can survive. From this story I understood that there are so many poor people who we cannot help but atleast we can help a few.

Folks, please help children to get money and go to school. Please don’t do child laboring, it is very bad and you are hurting them. If you have celebrated diwali and if you had not checked the diwali crackers, sometimes in some crackers there might be a sign of child laboring. My school taught me this. Next time when you burst crackers please check if there is a sign of child laboring.

My Sports Day

Posted On October 12, 2008

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My Sports Day!


I am very very sorry for not updating my blog for one month. I was busy with my sports day and then went on my vacation and finally got sick. I really appreciate and thank you for your patience.



My sports day a fun day lalalala


When you get a medal you will find

Hope, love & care


When you grow up you will think

where I am, in the next generation &


In the next moment you will

think of that unforgettable moment

when you got a medal



My school Vaels Billabong High’s sports day was so fun. First we had the march past (left right left right). And then we had the cheerleading dance. Finally after all those things we had the Yoga demonstration which I was in. It was so nice. We did Surya namaskar, chakra asan (one hand raising) and then I did the final pose of meditating sitting on the feet of my friends. Every body claped. Then there was the medaling ceremony and I got third place. Wow great, terrific, mindblowing.



Why I am writing my sports day? I wanted to be in yoga demonstration last year. But I couldn’t. This year I was in Yoga demonstration and did the final pose and advanced poses. This happened because I truly wished for it. This time I really worked hard and practiced in the hot sun and finally I received a lot of claps. This is really an unforgettable wish. Practice makes perfect and true wishes always come true like in Cinderella.


Victory Stand

Victory Stand

(I drew this picture by myself on MS Paint)


Well that’s all folks. Good bye

The change of the world

Posted On September 14, 2008

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We are changing the world. You are asking how? Let me tell you, by increasing global warming. What is global warming? Global warming is similar to polluting. In a few years or many the earth will be fully trashed. It would be like a garbage can, horrible.  



I saw a movie called Wall-E. In that the world was like a garbage can. They show earth from space .Garbage was floating all over the atmosphere. Earth was light brown in color. I felt very sorry for earth. I thought my mother land was getting ruined. There were no plants at all and no human beings. All the people were in space and got back, how? This is were the story beings. I will tell you. There are lots of robots in the space shuttle. One robot is called Eve. She was looking for something green like a plant on earth so that people could go back home. With the help of Wall-E the only robot on earth and his pet cockroach Eve found a plant. The captain of the spaceship looked at it and told we are going back to earth. And they went back and planted the plant and a few days passed there were many more plants. The people got food and they made their own city.  



The moral of the story is to stop the global warming. Ten reasons for global warming 



1.  Too much of lights

2.  Throwing garbage

3.  Water pollution

4.  Dust from garbage

5.  Smoking and smoke

6.  Cutting down trees

7.  Preventing clouds

8.  Killing animals

9.  Chemical and

10. Bombs



These are some of the ten things that are reasons for global warming, My mother’s friend Vidhyu aunty’s son Adithya Rao has beautifully sung a song called Dream In where he told Be the change you wish to be.



 Please see this link.



Please do not do any of the ten and save the world from global warming by being the change. I want all the kids to know this.These are the 10 things I do to prevent global warming. 


  1. I will make a big speech in my school on global warming
  2. I will turn off lights when not needed
  3. I wont throw garbage
  4. I wont waste papers too much or tear papers
  5. I wont pluck plants I will grow trees
  6. I will not use too much of water and I will keep water clean
  7. I will be nice with animals and not hurt them
  8. I will tell everybody not to make too loud noise
  9. I will not waste plastic bags
  10. And I will always think positive about earth


Posted On August 24, 2008

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We  were  together  like   Hindu  ,Muslim  ,Sikh   ,Christian,Jews   and  many  more   religions during the freedom fight. But now we are all into pieces and we are all not together. On 23rd August I went to a show that was with light music and dance. In one song they sang


‘Come back as Jesus,

come back as Rama,

come back as Allah,

come back as every one.

Come and save all the boys and girls’


This means there is only one god. If in all the religions there are different gods what is the point. Because if for every religion there is lots of god, then god only loves people of that releigion.That is not nice, so god is just one.


God is great,

God is energy,

God is love,

God is everything,

God knows but we don’t

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