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Posted On August 15, 2010

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Hi Folks,


Sorry for not blogging for so long. I was busy and lazy 🙂 . This blog is going to be all about me.

So let me start

I was born in Clearwater, FL,  U.S.A .I used to say “Shiya papa kami” which means in tamil “Show Shiya baby”. Then when I was 2 years old I moved to New York and I stayed there for 4 years, then I moved to India.When I was in first grade I had a lot of trouble with my friends and studies. But then I got used to it. I used to screame, shout, yell at my friends and parents. Suddenly like magic I have changed a lot. I was very bosy before and today my freind’s mother told my mother  that my friend Janani told her that i am a very calm and humble friendly person. I felt like AAAA!. This change happned after I did Art of living course called Art Excel.  All kids who are seeing this blog please join Art excel. It is very nice. You play, you dance and you get to do a lot of yoga and meditation.

Now I am in fifth grade and I love my school, I love my friends and studies.  Ooo! and one more thing, my friends names are Amrutha, Shrinidhi, Sarah, Jeanette, Kalolini and Alekiya. They are my best friends in school. We play, we sit together, share food, email each other, go for sleep overs. We also have a lot of fun at school. My favorite subject is science. I want to become a doctor when I grow up and help people.

What else do you want to know about me.  If you want to know more about me please reply to my blog


18 Responses to “All about me”

  1. Sanjay

    Excellent post shreya, Happy independence day. Keep blogging

  2. Chitha

    Jai Hind! Great post Shreya. Change is always good and we are proud of you. We could see the change in you when you came here. Do you remember “Nang nang” from your childhood?

    • Shoba

      thanks amma i love u! why do’nt u write about me!i would love that!

  3. Shoba

    Shreya Kutti. It is very nice to see your post after a long time. Glad that you have got out of your lazy phase. Yes, you have really improved a lot. It is really amazing to see how responsible and good you have become. You are really very talented and very caring. I am sure you are going to grow up into a very nice person. All the best da chellam.

  4. rajagopal sukumar

    Happy independence day Shreya. Nice post. Good to see you taking interest in science.

    • Padhu Thatha

      “Suddenly like magic I have changed a lot.” Before you realize, you will change more Keep loving your friends, School,parents, neighbor, relatives and everyone who come across. Recently i tracked down one of my friend after 57 years!!! can you believe it?
      Even when you change when you look back, those past years remain sweet in your memory.

      Good Luck and Best wishes

  5. Arun Ramachandran

    Dear Shreya,

    Happy Independence Day !
    It was very nice to read your blog about your past & present good experience.

    I could easily understand that there is a good positive change in routine life & gain more happiness after attending Art of Living.

    My best wishes to you & all your friends 🙂

    Take Care

  6. Deepa

    Super da Shreya,
    Yes,as Chitha said we did see a great change in you this time. Keep up with all your good work.We missed your blog very much.Keep blogging.

    Deepu Chithi

  7. Suji

    Dear Shreya,
    We are all very proud of you. Keep up the good work and continue what you are doing. Nice that you are sharing this with all kids your age.

    God bless you 🙂

  8. Annapoorani sivaramakrishnan

    Shreya kutti glad to read ur post after a long ll become a doctor 4 all ur lovely qualities ditto like ur mom.keep writing and shreya kutti rocks.

  9. Maruth

    Hello Shreya,
    Wow, would you have your Artexcel group photo

  10. Father of HR

    That is a nice one Shreya. Happy Independance Day to you also. You write well. Keep writing. Will tell HR about your write, though it will be sometime before she can understand!

    All the best.

    • Shreya

      hi uncle who is HR?

  11. Ajitaa

    Hi Shreya,

    You are lucky your mom allows you for sleepovers with your classmates. My mom does not 😦
    She only allows me sleepovers with family friends. Happy Independence Day!!!!!!!

  12. Ramu Mama

    Dear Shreya,
    Nice to see that you have changed a lot for better and that you have got the courage to say that you were lazy for some time. This is all due to the ‘ Art of living course’ you attended and due to continued care and guidance of your parents.Keep it up.I would like to see as a good Doctor as per your wish.God bless you.
    –Ramu Mama

  13. KL Narayanan & Janaki

    Dear Shreya Kutty

    Indeed it was pleasant to go through your blog.
    Your self assessment is a great achievement which is a very hard one wherein stated your plus and minus.
    Such thing shapes the personality to achive for greatness. Keep it up.

    You have a desire for becoming a Doctor.
    Such thing itself become reality and concentrate on this goal and Our blessings and best wishes to you.

    All is well and Life is beautiful.

    Loves to Shreya

  14. Keerti

    Wow Shreya….I am Keerti and Nithya is my mom. Your blog is very nice :).

  15. Suresh Ramamurthi

    Dear Shreya

    Nice to hear the changes in you through Art of Living and you have recognized the changes. It is great to note your interest in service the society by becoming a doctor. Looking forward to seeing you as Dr. Shreya in the years to come. God Bless You.

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