Posted On October 16, 2009

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 Hey folks! I have a story to tell you about me. Its Diwali and everybody is going festive before diwali. I want to give you a few tips . Let me start the story.

Last year on diwali myself, my parents, sister and grandparents were bursting fire crackers and at the last we decided to put a giant fire work. We then burst that one, Wait for it! We couldn’t see it any more. We thought we need to wait then it fell down and burst. It hit my sister, mother and the sofa like swing. The swing caught on fire and my grandmother turned it off. See how dangerous fire can be.


1) Be safe from fire!!!!!

2) Always wear footwear.

3) Don’t stay too close to the crackers!!!

4) After burning the fire crackers immediately throw it in water or sand!

5) Last but not the least Go Green this Diwali

 Bye, Bye. Have a Safe Diwali!


11 Responses to “Diwali”

  1. rajagopal sukumar

    Happy Diwali. Nice post Shreya. Yes it is important to play it safe with crackers.

  2. Darshan,Dravin

    Hi Shreya,
    Happy Deepavali .Real nice one.Safety measures are very important and thanks for the good tips.

    Take care,

  3. Shreya

    Thank you Sukumar Uncle. How was your Diwali?

  4. Shreya

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can’t wait to see you guys

  5. Neha


    Great tips and happy Deepavali.

  6. gk and mythili chitappa

    dear shreaya
    nice that you had celebrated deepa voli, it is important to be safe while doing with crackers. however, if we spend less on crackers and provide the balance money to the needy it will be a great enjoyment to the heart and soul and help the environment. May the next deepa voli, be less crackers, sound, and more comfortable climate. with wishes.

  7. kavitha

    u sure told a very informative true story .
    hope u had a very safe and happy diwali

  8. Suji

    Very sweet, dear!

    Lots of love,
    from all in Kansas 🙂

  9. Annapoorani

    Shreya belated diwali wishes to you…
    Great tips…Hope you had nice diwlai 🙂

  10. Ramu Mama

    Thank you Shreya for the safety tips.I have conveyed this to Adithyan.Sorry for the belated reply.
    -Ramu mama

  11. Shreya

    Thank you Neha

    Thank you Malli patti and thatha

    Oh,my god!! Kavitha athai thank you

    Annapporani aunty thank you

    Ramu mama, thank you.

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