Never Give Up

I was very weak in maths. My tuition teacher had given me lots of sums. At first I was very lazy. I have underlined lazy because I don’t feel bad to admit that I was lazy.
But then I thought ‘Why am I doing this’. So started studying so hard that in my maths test I got 19 out of 20. I was very happy and proud of myself. If my tuition teacher had not helped me I would have got low marks. From B + last time I have got A+ this time.


Always do something, be brisk and healthy
Always eat healthy food (seriously folks I don’t eat healthy food except when I eat my lunch. But these days I have been given only healthy food for snacks also)
You know I also like jokes, let me tell you one “One day a man and his friend were talking and the man said oops one minute I need to call my dentist. The other person asked why should you call a dentist to repair your phone. For that the man said because I have a Bluetooth” get it, the Bluetooth.

No more fooling around, let me tell you the logical reason for not being lazy. Just stay in the moment and then you cannot be lazy.

My special thanks to my tuition teacher Priya akka and sorry for writing after a long time. I was busy with my studies.


23 Responses to “Never Give Up”

  1. rajagopal sukumar

    Good one Shreya. Congrats on scoring 19 out of 20 in Math. Perseverance always pays off.

  2. Chitha chitha

    Hi shreya kutti,
    First of all congrats on your math score.Nice to read your blog after a long time.Hard work always pays back.Never give up.

    Lots of love,
    Chitha chithi

  3. Sujatha

    Very good to hear that you are eating healthy and enjoying it too.

    Good job on your math test. Keep up the good work.

  4. Ramji Mama

    First of all congrats on getting 19 out of 20 in Mathematics. I really like your blogs especially your clarity of thoughts.
    Keep blogging because the more you express your thoughts, the better the person you become.

  5. Ramya


    Congratulations on getting 19/20 in Maths….Try harder and sure you’ll get 20/20 next time.

    Continue to be active…..Eat healthy, Think better.


  6. Sumathi

    Wow…very very cute post…straight from the heart…simple language and great message.

    And I really like your home page so colourful and girly… 🙂

    Love – Sumathi Aunty

  7. Soumya

    Shreya Dear,
    Hearty Congratulations on scoring 19/20 and phenomenally increasing your score from B+ to A+. The tips are very apt and the “living in the moment” piece of advice is the icing on the cake. Why don’t you pen your next post on how do we learn to live in the moment?

  8. Shreya

    Thank you Sukumar uncle

  9. Shreya

    Hae chow chow mama, thank you and how is Shreecharan

  10. Shreya

    Thank you Ramya akka. I will try harder next time.

  11. Shreya

    Hi Soumya aunty thank you. I will write a post on living on the moment.

  12. Shreya

    Hi Chitha chithi thank you for all the gifts you sent for me through tatha. How is Darshan and Dravin?

  13. Shreya

    Thank you sujatha aunty.

  14. Shreya

    Thank you Sumathi aunty.

  15. Chitha chitha

    You are very welcome Shreya.Darshan and Dravin are doing great.They miss you and Shipra a lot.

    We will talk to you soon.
    Chitha ,Chithi.

  16. Suji

    Dear Shreya,
    Good to know you are eating healthy. That’s very important & it’s so nice you are realizing this at this age.

    V nice to know you have done well in your Maths. Keep up the good job!

    Suji Athai

  17. Hema

    Enjoying what you do is the key to success. Great job on your Math test. Keep it up!!

  18. banu athai

    Very inspiring comment from a little girl of your age ‘coz we see children losing hope and not working hard at all. One more disease is eating JUNK all the time, so very good piece of advice sweetie!!!!

  19. Shoba

    Hi Shreya,
    Congrats on getting 19/20 :).
    I have to confess, I have my lazy moments too! And I’ve found, once I overcome my initial laziness then it is easy to continue.

    Keep up the good work! All the Best.

    Shoba-J aunty

  20. S, Keerthivasan

    Congrats Shreya for your maths mark. Sometimes I too feel lazy to do maths. But when I completed the sums given by my mom and tution teacher, that really helped me to score good marks in my last cycle test.

  21. saikrishna

    I am happy that you have got A+ this time.

  22. ajitaa

    Hi Shreya,

    I am Ajitaa. My mums name is Shoba too. I like your blog. Congrads for getting 19/20!! You have very nice writing skills.

  23. sathyan84

    Shreya i think i am the last one to read ur blog… Good to hear ur maths story… i had a sneak into it through your mom… I see some parts of me in this story… i was not good in math and i got good through hard work… And i too have to thank my tuition teacher for this… Learn’t a thing from this post… Waiting for ur next post


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