Nature and Me

Posted On December 15, 2008

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When I am feeling lonely I go out to my garden and I have a sofa like swing in my house. I sit on it and talk to the plants. Isn’t it amazing and they also talk back to me. How you can talk to them is just see them and then they’ll just suddenly talk.


I just love animals like anything. I pet them. I feel them and also play. Oops I almost forgot. I even talk to them and they too talk back to me. And you know what it feels like nature is part of me and I love nature the most.


One day when I was leaving school I had to pick my friend for our dance class. When I was waiting for her I saw a tiny spider. Suddenly I heard a voice and felt that the spider was talking to me and I also spoke to it. Then it was time to leave and I told the spider bye and left for my class.


You also do this and the world will be a better place to live then.




9 Responses to “Nature and Me”

  1. vivek17

    Hi Shreya,

    That was a cute message and i loved it. Will try my best to talk to them …

    Keep blogging 🙂

    P.S: you may think who am i ? Well ask mom do you know VR4? she would give the answer for you…

  2. Suji

    Very cute, Shreya!


  3. Hema

    Cute post!! Reminded me of Dr. Jagdish Chandra Bose. He was the first one to prove that plants respond to stimuli, i.e. grow well when exposed to pleasant music… I am sure your garden is adorned with flowers growing prettier by the day listening to your sweet voice!!!

    -Hema aunty

  4. R.Meenakshi

    that was an interesting information. I am sure you are a Naturalist

  5. shantha athai

    Dear Shreya,

    very nice and interesting.I also love nature like u.If u water the plants they will say thank u and smile at u.


  6. rajagopal sukumar

    Nice post Shreya. Nature and animals and birds definitely add colour and life to our mundane lives, no doubt. Have fun in Singapore.

  7. Jayashree Ramachandran

    Your thoughts in general are very nice and this time when i read ‘Nature and Me’ it was as gentle as… how you are.
    Yet another wonderful shot !!! Keep scoring 🙂

  8. Annapoorani

    Shreya,a very nice post…We have to love the nature…
    Happy new year to you…

  9. saikrishna

    Nice post shreya!do you know Jagdish Chandra Bose was the first person to prove plants live and respond to the environment.

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