My Sports Day

Posted On October 12, 2008

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My Sports Day!


I am very very sorry for not updating my blog for one month. I was busy with my sports day and then went on my vacation and finally got sick. I really appreciate and thank you for your patience.



My sports day a fun day lalalala


When you get a medal you will find

Hope, love & care


When you grow up you will think

where I am, in the next generation &


In the next moment you will

think of that unforgettable moment

when you got a medal



My school Vaels Billabong High’s sports day was so fun. First we had the march past (left right left right). And then we had the cheerleading dance. Finally after all those things we had the Yoga demonstration which I was in. It was so nice. We did Surya namaskar, chakra asan (one hand raising) and then I did the final pose of meditating sitting on the feet of my friends. Every body claped. Then there was the medaling ceremony and I got third place. Wow great, terrific, mindblowing.



Why I am writing my sports day? I wanted to be in yoga demonstration last year. But I couldn’t. This year I was in Yoga demonstration and did the final pose and advanced poses. This happened because I truly wished for it. This time I really worked hard and practiced in the hot sun and finally I received a lot of claps. This is really an unforgettable wish. Practice makes perfect and true wishes always come true like in Cinderella.


Victory Stand

Victory Stand

(I drew this picture by myself on MS Paint)


Well that’s all folks. Good bye


31 Responses to “My Sports Day”

  1. Prem

    Congratulations Shreya! Very good indeed! Both for your Yoga achievement as well as your drawing attempt. 🙂

    I will suggest you to try using TuxPaint on Edubuntu for drawing. It is a very cool drawing program specially designed for kids. Om adores it, but he cannot yet use the advanced tools which am sure you can easily attempt. He is only 4 years old now and has not yet got a good grasp on the mouse. Hope you will like it. 🙂

  2. rajagopal sukumar

    Congrats on the 3rd prize Shreya. The ms paint diagram is quite nice.

  3. Padhu Thatha

    Dear Shreya Kutty.. Congrats …this Yoga practice is going take you to absolute perfection in all what you are bound to come first.. keep trying…your diagram is quite good…
    With lov

    Padhu Thatha

  4. Sree

    Wow…CONGRATS Shreya!! 😀
    Yoga is a wonderful art….good for the body as well as for the mind…two birds in one shot!! 🙂
    And that drawing is cool…Have you put a cap on?

  5. Chitha Chithi

    Hi Shreya kutti,
    Congrats once again.With your dedication and ability we are sure you are going to catch the first place next sports day.By the way your painting is cooooool.

    Lots of love,
    Chitha ,Chithi,Darshan ,Dravin

  6. Sairam

    Dear shreya
    your sport day blog reminds me my school days.congratulation for your 3rd prize and also nice to know that your hard practice for Yoga gave you success.

  7. Hema

    Congratulations Shreya!! Great show. Love your drawing….


  8. Giri Chitha

    Congrats on your 3rd prize. And the drawing is a nice creative thinking. Keep it up.

    Take care of your health too.

  9. Suji

    Wonderful Shreya kutti! You go, girl ! 🙂 Keep it up.. nice picture by the way 🙂

  10. Kumchith & Latha Athai

    Hi Shreya
    Great Show!!!!!!. We are truly happy for your success. Wish you many more such accolades.
    Take Care and All the Best
    Kumchith, Rama, SVK & Latha

  11. Padmini

    Dear Shreya,
    The drawing is very cute and so are you.

    Padmini and Vijayan

  12. Hema Aunty

    Hi Shreya,

    The picture is really cute. Also, good to hear the news on Yoga (at your age)….

    More way to go!!!
    Which class are you in at Vael?
    Congrats once again…

    Hema Aunty

  13. saikrishna

    good that you got third place try to get second i’ve got second and third

  14. Sathya

    Good post as usual…
    If u really wish u will get it… Good one… This is what everybody need to suceed in whatever they want…

  15. Guru Krishnan

    Congrats! Keep it up:)
    God bless

  16. Shreya

    Thank you Prem uncle. I will visit Om’s blog. I will ask my parents to download the new paint tool and try it out.

  17. Shreya

    Sukumar uncle,thank you.

  18. Shreya

    Thank you Padhu tatha

  19. Shreya

    Sree anna thank you. What do you mean by cap on and what is your phone number.

  20. Shreya

    Thank you Usmanika pampi (Chitha chithi). How is Dravin’s cold and say HI to Darshan and Dravin. I miss you very much, lOts of love Shreya.

  21. Shreya

    Sairam uncle thank you very very much.

  22. Shreya

    Thank you Hema. Should I call you aunty or akka or just Hema,

  23. Shreya

    Hoi Giri chitha – Asal katha kali thank you.

  24. Shreya

    Thank you Suji aunty, Why is not Bharath uncle visiting my blog.

  25. Shreya

    Thank you thank you very much Kumchiti, rama chithi,Latha athai and athimber. Kumchithi did you take your dhadi out.Please.

  26. Shreya

    Thank you Padimini aunty and Vijayan uncle. How is Rahul and his baby brother.

  27. Shreya

    Dear Hema aunty thank you. I study in 3rd grade.

  28. Shreya

    Thank you Krishna.ok ok ok dont praise your self or else i wont talk to you any more.

  29. Shreya

    Thank you Sathya uncle.

  30. Shreya

    Thank you Krishna anna.

  31. Annapoorani

    Shreya Congrats…You are correct practice makes a man perfect 🙂

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