The change of the world

Posted On September 14, 2008

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We are changing the world. You are asking how? Let me tell you, by increasing global warming. What is global warming? Global warming is similar to polluting. In a few years or many the earth will be fully trashed. It would be like a garbage can, horrible.  



I saw a movie called Wall-E. In that the world was like a garbage can. They show earth from space .Garbage was floating all over the atmosphere. Earth was light brown in color. I felt very sorry for earth. I thought my mother land was getting ruined. There were no plants at all and no human beings. All the people were in space and got back, how? This is were the story beings. I will tell you. There are lots of robots in the space shuttle. One robot is called Eve. She was looking for something green like a plant on earth so that people could go back home. With the help of Wall-E the only robot on earth and his pet cockroach Eve found a plant. The captain of the spaceship looked at it and told we are going back to earth. And they went back and planted the plant and a few days passed there were many more plants. The people got food and they made their own city.  



The moral of the story is to stop the global warming. Ten reasons for global warming 



1.  Too much of lights

2.  Throwing garbage

3.  Water pollution

4.  Dust from garbage

5.  Smoking and smoke

6.  Cutting down trees

7.  Preventing clouds

8.  Killing animals

9.  Chemical and

10. Bombs



These are some of the ten things that are reasons for global warming, My mother’s friend Vidhyu aunty’s son Adithya Rao has beautifully sung a song called Dream In where he told Be the change you wish to be.



 Please see this link.



Please do not do any of the ten and save the world from global warming by being the change. I want all the kids to know this.These are the 10 things I do to prevent global warming. 


  1. I will make a big speech in my school on global warming
  2. I will turn off lights when not needed
  3. I wont throw garbage
  4. I wont waste papers too much or tear papers
  5. I wont pluck plants I will grow trees
  6. I will not use too much of water and I will keep water clean
  7. I will be nice with animals and not hurt them
  8. I will tell everybody not to make too loud noise
  9. I will not waste plastic bags
  10. And I will always think positive about earth


84 Responses to “The change of the world”

  1. rajagopal sukumar

    Nice post Shreya. Good to see you contemplating big issues like global warming which adults have a tough time dealing with. It will be very helpful for you to think about and do a post on what are the 10 things you are doing as a child to prevent global warming. Btw, i saw aditya’s video as well. It is excellent.

  2. Suji

    Dear Shreya,
    Wonderful thoughts on Global warming. Some of the things I would like to share to add on to those 10 things:

    1. Take print-outs only when required. Otherwise, just take a note on your scrap book, if you think you can very well refer to it. Again, do not take print-out just for your own simple reasons, when it is eventually going to end up in trash.
    2. Instead of using a lot of disposable plates, try to use the very old steel plates. Use disposable cups & plates only when there is a need.
    3. Collect print-outs with one side blank, and make a book of it. This could be your own scrap book. You’ll feel proud to have saved some papers.
    4. Carpool whenever you can.

  3. Padhu Thatha

    Dear Shreya kutty,

    good thinking, if every kid around the globe think like the way you do , and act in whatever way to reduce this, it will surely have an impact on reducing global warming..

    Padhu Thatha

  4. Saranya

    Dear Shreya,

    Nice post on Global Warming. Glad to see that you have an awareness and able to understand such issues at such young age.

    Check out this link on how we can contribute to reducing global warming:


  5. Hari


    Lovely progressive thought. This will encourage all your friends also to think in similar directions.

    Well Done!

  6. Rupika

    Dear Shreya
    Insightful post. Very happy to see that you are well aware of these things at a very young age. Keep it going.

    Sooperb write up.

  7. Shoba Jagannathan

    Hello Shreya,

    I’m your mother’s friend and my name is Shoba too! I liked your psot very much. Way to go 🙂

  8. Gayathri

    Hi Shreya

    You have provoked to post my comments as well.

    Excellent thought at this young age… keep up your good work

    All your posts are very informative.

  9. venky

    very good naration about this very important topic shreya. i hope we all work againt the pollution and save the world!

  10. sujatha

    Hi Shreya:

    Vey knowledgeable post. I am happy that you choose topics which are sensitive to mankind.

    Way to go dear.


  11. Shreya

    Dear Sukumar uncle thank you. That is a good idea. I will write the 10 things that I will do in this post itself.

  12. Shreya

    Dear Suji aunty. Thank you. I will follow what you have said

  13. Shreya

    Dear Padhu thatha thank you. Yes tatha I am going to talk about this in my school assembly

  14. Shreya

    Dear Saranya athai thank you for the nice site. I love the site.It has games on global warming and animation. I am so excited.

  15. Shreya

    Dear Hari chitha. Thank you.

  16. Shreya

    Dear Rupika aunty. Thank you. How is Akhil?

  17. Shreya

    Dear Shoba aunty. Thank you. Nice to know you have my mother’s name and there is one more mam in my school called shoba

  18. Shreya

    Dear Gayathri aunty. Thank you.

  19. Shreya

    Dear Venky uncle thank you.

  20. Shreya

    Dear Sujatha aunty. Thank you.

  21. rajagopal sukumar

    Thanks for heeding my request and writing up the 10 things you will do personally. I think your list will serve as an inspiration for other kids to do the same.

    Congratulations on making it to the Hindu Business Line today. I am sure your mom and dad are proud of you.

    Thanks for the kind words about me in the interview.

  22. Sowmya

    Hi Shreya,
    I am your mom’s colleague and i have been going through all your Blogs.Each one is very informative,interesting and very valuable.Keep it up and Congratulations for making it to the Business Line.

  23. Krupa

    Hi Shreya,

    Krupa chithi here. Such thoughtful and informative posts coming from a little one like you. We are very proud of you!

  24. Nandhini

    Dear Shreya,

    I feel very great for you! In this small age you are blessed with valuable talents and thoughts! Hats Off for ur MOM and DAD.
    I read about in The Business Line newspaper.
    I got a new 8 year old sister as my friend todya.
    Love you lotzzz..Go ahead with yet more topics!

  25. radha

    I read the article on your blog in the Business Line today. Glad that you have started blogging at such a young age. A lot of credit to you and your parents for ecouraging you. If you continue to blog and develop the habit of writing, I am sure you will go far. But do get away from the computer once in a while and interact with people, that would help widen your horizons. All the very best.

  26. Revs

    Shreyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! 🙂
    wonderful post. its great to see young people like u owrry so much about mother earth!! 🙂
    and congratulations on figuring in hindu business line sweetie!! 🙂
    keep blogging!! 🙂
    we need more people like u to make the world a better place to live in!! 🙂

  27. krishnan59

    You are not aware of me, but I came to know about you today while I was reading “Business Line”. Hats off to you young lady 🙂 Keep up your great work!

    Well nice thought on Global Warming, I am sure there will be millions of readers of your blog and sure there will be a change 🙂 Will hope for the best.

    God bless you!

  28. Priyanka

    Hey shreya…
    jzz read ur article in newspaper n vs really amazed n excited 2 visit ur blog….gr8 wrk sweety…jzz b focusd n keep expressing urself cz u r da future…
    wish u love and luck in life…U ROCK..[:)]

  29. Anil Mascarenhas

    Hi Shreya

    All the best in all that you do. I am sure your parents and those around you also have similar thoughts regarding the environment etc.

    Ask your parents to mail me their email address or postal address and I will send across a nice report on India Warming.

    Take care
    Anil Mascarenhas

  30. Hema

    Hi Shreya

    I happened to read in the Business line about you and was quite eager to have a visit to your site and promptly did so :). Global Warming,a nice story line on Wall-E and Eva. Its too good… Nice representation.
    Keep blogging!.

    Way to go and All the very best in all your new postings!


  31. Dinesh Mama

    Hi Shreya,
    Just now read your blog. Excellent and very contemporary and depicts maturity more than your age group. Keep it up and keep blogging.


  32. Aarthi

    Dear Shreya,

    Very nice to see your blog – the first time am viewing the same. To be frank, this is the first time am entering my comments in the web!!! You are teaching me to blog infact.. Thanks for the same.

    Amazing to see your photo and the article in Hindu business line – great to see the same. Wish you many more success!!!

    Aarthi Aunty and Prakash Uncle

  33. Shreya

    Dear Sukumar uncle. Thank you. Amma showed me that Rajani uncle email and today I am coming to your house to see Sana baby.

  34. Shreya

    Dear Sowmya aunty, thank you.

  35. Shreya

    Dear Krupa chithi and Hari chitha, thank you.

  36. Shreya

    Dear Nanthini, I am glad I got a sister too.

  37. Shreya

    Dear Radha thank you. Yes I go out a lot and play.

  38. Shreya

    Dear Revs, thank you.

  39. Shreya

    Dear Krishnan59 uncle thank you. thank you for your wishes.

  40. Shreya

    Dear Priyanka thank you.

  41. Shreya

    Dear Anil uncle thank you. I will tell my parents to send their email id.

  42. Shreya

    Dear Hema thank you. So did you watch Wall-E?

  43. Shreya

    Hi Drakula (dinesh mama).thank you.

  44. Shreya

    Dear Arthi aunty and Prakash uncle, thank you. So will you blog now and blogging is fun.

  45. Indrajit

    Hi Shreya,

    I came to know about you and your blog through “Business Line’s” LIFE section.
    You write very well and i would love to come here again.
    Till then, keep writing.


    Godbless you. 🙂

  46. Hema

    Dear Shreya,

    Congratulations on making it to the Hindu Business Line. I am sure everyone at home is really proud of you and so are we!!

    Keep writing. Eagerly awaiting your next post!


  47. krishnan59

    Hey Shreya,

    your welcome 🙂 but please, I am not uncle :0 i am just 24 🙂

  48. Annapoorani


    Shreya O baby simply rocking you are!!!!!!!!Global warming indeed an important topic..You have very good insight on the topic….Too good buddy 🙂

  49. Rajasekharan

    Lil Shreya Sweetie Sweetie Pie,
    That’s how i address sweet little girls like you.I too have a daughter.Yours is the the first Blog that i have gone thru and it is also the first one to which i am responding.I am really impressed.Shreya dont burden your Small Head with all these Big Issues.Enjoy your childhood & Spread as much Cheer, as possible.
    Rajasekharan Uncle

  50. Rupika

    Dear Shreya…. Congratulations on making it to the Hindu Business Line. I read it so many times, so proud of you dear. Chak de 🙂

  51. Janani akka

    Dear Shreya,
    Congrats on making it to The Hindu Business Line ! Keep blogging!

  52. Pugazhenthi

    Dear Shreya,

    HAts off to u.

    At this age i was fighting in streets with my friends while playing cricket.

    Really its a great thing to utilise ur time at this age for some useful thing will damn sure make ur career bright.

    Also an article about u at this age… Great Great

    All the Best for ur bright life.

    Keep blogging. Keep a planned time span for ur blog. That will make ur commenters to expect ur blog

  53. Vasikar Nagarajan

    Shreya, I am happy to see your unique style of writing. Short & Sweet. Sparkling and Sizzling. Congratulations.

  54. Amala

    Dear Shreya,
    Its too good to see a kid writing abt global warming with very good insight..keep going…and keep posted..its through cognizant i got the chance to come across your blog…lovely da…
    All the best!

  55. deepti

    hi Shreya ,

    Its good to read ur blogs.

  56. Sairam Behera

    Dear Shreya
    Today I came to know about you and immediately checked your blog. Really great to read your blogs. Thanks for your concern for big issues like global warming and also I liked your little but great ideas to prevent global warming. Wish you a good luck for your future. Be a good human being and serve your fellowman…It is my little advice.

  57. Bharanidharan

    Dear Shreya,

    I am impressed with your knowledge at this age. Congrats on making it to Hindu. Keep going and you have a great future.

  58. Udaya

    Hi Shreya,
    I will follow these 10 points. Hope many to get changed with your ideas like me.Save earth!
    Congrats and have fun!

  59. Priya

    Hi Shreya,

    Your write up was excellent. It is good to know that you are trying to educate other kids about keeping our earth green. Many Congrats to you and wishing you all success!:)

  60. Sree

    I wish all would atleast think 10% in the way you have…It would make a huge difference in fighting global warming…
    Kudos to you for this post and your ten pointers…they were wonderful.
    And many Congrats on your interview in Hindu…I felt really proud and happy to have known you prior to that!! 😀

  61. Hema Aunty

    Hi Shreya,

    I did watch Wall E with my niece and nephew. An awesome movie and I have written my comment that are also in line with yours. I shall send you my blogsite address.

    Good to see you blogging and most importantly, good attitude of replying back…

    If you want to send reply you can to my id

    Cheers and Have a Great day!
    Hema Aunty

  62. Shreya

    Hi Deepti are you from billabong high from 3 B. Please tell Yes.

  63. Shreya

    Indrajit thank you. Should I call you uncle or anna or just indrajit.

  64. Shreya

    Dear Hema aunty thank you.

  65. Shreya

    I am sorry Krishnan anna. I will call you anna from now on.

  66. Shreya

    Hi Annaporani akka thank you.

  67. Shreya

    Hi Rajashekaran uncle. how old is your daughter is she 8 years old. I have lots of fun but I still want to write aout these topics I like them too. My school always encourages us on such topics even yesterday we had our sports day and the theme was eco frindly games.

  68. Shreya

    Dear Rupika akka thank you.

  69. Shreya

    Dear Janani akka thank you. How is college?

  70. Shreya

    Hi Pugazhenthi thank you.

  71. Shreya

    Hi Nagarajan thank you

  72. Shreya

    Hi Amala akka, Sairam uncle,Bharanidharan uncle, Priya akka, Udya uncle, Hema aunty thank you

  73. Shreya

    Dear Sree anna thank you. Amma told me you went to Mumbai did you see my school Billabong High in Mumbai

  74. Krish

    hey thats soo sweet of you 🙂
    God bless

  75. Priya

    Hey Shreya
    I came to know about your blog only today. You are writing fantastic!

    Keep going!

  76. Nilesh Mehta

    Very nice one article, Shreya!

    You are thinking in the way which many adults can’t think…

    Keep writing for a such good cause & keep doing all those 10 things which prevents global warming…

    Your parents have cultivated very good habits in you…

    Take care, Bye, 🙂

  77. Nikita

    Hi Shreya.Its me from school. In 6th grade. Cool blog. Keep it up

  78. saikrishna

    hey shreya nice global warming post.

  79. Mahalakshmi

    hi Shreya,
    you blogs are mind blowing!!!!! wishing u good luck.
    will continue to read your forth coming blogs.

  80. Mahalakshmi

    hi shreya,
    you are mind blowing… wishing you a bright future.
    will continue to read your forth coming blogs

  81. Sairam

    Hi Shreya,
    Awesome post. If all kids start thinking this way and influence their parents we will surely not become the earth as in the movie WallE. Keep blogging

  82. Shreya

    Thank you Krish

    Thank you Priya

    Hi Nikita nice to see you on my blog. thank you.

  83. Shreya

    Thank you Krishna

    Thank you Mahalakshmi aunty

    Hi Sairam uncle. thank you for visiting blog

  84. vivek17

    Lovely post Shreya and i was moved… Keep up the ten things you have mentioned forever … 🙂

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