Posted On August 24, 2008

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We  were  together  like   Hindu  ,Muslim  ,Sikh   ,Christian,Jews   and  many  more   religions during the freedom fight. But now we are all into pieces and we are all not together. On 23rd August I went to a show that was with light music and dance. In one song they sang


‘Come back as Jesus,

come back as Rama,

come back as Allah,

come back as every one.

Come and save all the boys and girls’


This means there is only one god. If in all the religions there are different gods what is the point. Because if for every religion there is lots of god, then god only loves people of that releigion.That is not nice, so god is just one.


God is great,

God is energy,

God is love,

God is everything,

God knows but we don’t


25 Responses to “GOD”

  1. Kartheeban

    Good one as usual Shreya… Great maturity!!!

  2. Nadha

    If only people could think like you, this world would be a better place!

    Might be you can add ‘God is faith’ to your list ! 🙂

  3. senthil

    Nice thoughts shreya..

    “God is one.. People call it in different names..”

    this had been said 5000 years back in india, in vedas.. Ask your mother for more about this?

    In bagawat gita, krishna says .. “All path leads to the same Eternal God” ..

    So, we need not worry about so many gods.. All religions lead to the same Divine..

    We have to understand, that everyone sees god in their own way and calls god in their own way.. If we understand and accept that, then there will be peace..

  4. rajagopal sukumar

    Interesting post Shreya. If at all we believe in God, it is best to believe there is only one God. However, getting people to understand this is the harder problem.

  5. sathyan84

    Good one Shreya…
    If u add Every new born is God … and God is every child it would be too good….

  6. Venky

    Wow! very good words. In my view i would say LOVE IS GOD! That has lots of meaning. With out love there is no need of god. keep writing!

  7. Sujatha

    Hi Shreya:

    That was really a nice thought from you.

    If everyone is like you, we wont be losing so many lives.

    Excellent Post.


  8. Soumya

    Wonderful thoughts, Shreya. We were fighting for a common cause (India’s freedom) in those days and so there was unity among all the religions. i guess the spirit has got diluted in these times. i hope with the initiatives of young and enthusiastic citizens such as you, we see a truly secular India in the days to come.

  9. Shreya

    Hi Kartheeban uncle,thank you. How was it meeting Dr Abdul Kalam.Can you take me to meet him please oh please oh please

  10. Shreya

    Hi Nadha aunty, thank you. Please ask prithik to visit my blog

  11. Shreya

    Dear Sentil, thank you

  12. Shreya

    Dear Sukumar uncle, thank you. Yes it is a difficult job. I hope you get well soon.

  13. Shreya

    Dear Venky unlce.thank you. Sure god is love.

  14. Shreya

    Dear Sujatha aunty, thank you.

  15. Shreya

    Dear Satyan84 uncle, thank you. God is not just in kids god is in everybody and everything.

  16. Shreya

    Dear Sowmya aunty, thank you.

  17. Vijay Shriram

    Shreya, I read about your blog in one of your mother’s blog posts (corporate). I swung by just out of curiosity and what a serendipity!
    You are right is believing that there is one god.
    If you read the history of many rulers/kings, you will understand that “religion” was used as a means to bring people together. Over a period, the rulers introduced different forms of gods and rituals. And this should answer why you see many gods today.
    I love the way you express your ideas through your blog. Good work.

  18. rajagopal sukumar

    I am doing fine Shreya. Thanks for your wishes.

  19. Shreya

    Dear Vijay uncle. Thank you for teaching me about how gods came

  20. Shreya

    Dear Sukumar uncle. Glad you are better.

  21. Indrajit

    “God knows but we don’t.”

    You are so very right.
    i agree with you.
    Take care.

  22. Annapoorani


    Kewl post about GOD…yes you are correct….God is one..
    well written…….

  23. Sairam Behera

    This world would be a nice place if we have one GOD,one NAME,one PRAYER,one RELIGION.
    Anyway Wonderful thought Shreya.

  24. Sree

    Lovely post Shreya…If you ask me, GOD is an element of self-belief…If you believe in yourself, you believe in GOD and the reverse is also true!! Religion/Caste/etc are complications people created to Believe in GOD!!

    Apologies for reading your posts late…

  25. saikrishna

    good post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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