Posted On July 20, 2008

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Water respects us so much.

But we don’t respect it the way it does to us.

We waste water so much.

I would say that I would save water.


A day with out water


We won’t have water and can’t brush our teeth or have bath.

I would first of all say the plants will all droop and have less oxygen.

We will not be able to breath and we will be thirsty and we will not be able to eat.

We are polluting the oceans and rivers and let water creatures to die.

We are cutting down trees and have less rain.


So respect water and save water.

42 Responses to “Water”

  1. Chitha Chithi


    A very valid thought. The world would be a better place if everyone starts thinking like you. Hats off to you! You do have the ability to change this world.

    Chitha Chithi

  2. rajagopal sukumar

    Nice post Shreya. I wish everyone on the planet thinks about water like you do.

  3. Padhu periappa

    Shreya Kutty,

    yes, you are absolutely right kutty,

    we all appreciate your concern

    Padhu periappa

  4. vinu

    Happy to see your awareness, Shreya.
    Please spread the message in school, Okay?

  5. Kartheeban

    Good poem… Great respect for water… Let others too think about it!!!

  6. ShanthiPriya

    Shreya, I am your mom’s colleague. Your post is great. It is amazing to see your concern on water and environment at this young age. I hope everyone realizes the importance of conserving nature like you do.

  7. Kumar Sachi

    Well said…

    Isn’t it an irony that our planet has 2/3 water and there is scarcity of it!!!
    Would our great grandparents ever imagined their grandchildren will buy water?
    It is said that there will be war for waters and we seeing it happen.
    Water will be the next generation fuel that will run our cars.

  8. Shreya

    chitha chithi thank you.we all have the ablity to save this world but we try. if we try it will all come

  9. Sree

    Lovely thought Shreya…Water is something without which none of us can carry on with our day to day activity…something without which we cannot survive…something without which there will be nothing…

    Cool post buddy!
    Do write often 🙂

  10. Shreya

    dear sukumar uncle thank you. I also wish every body will think like that.

  11. Shreya

    dear padhu thatha thank you very much for your coment

  12. Shreya

    hi vinu uncle thank you. yes i read my blogs in the assembly at school

  13. Shreya

    hi karteeban uncle. thank you so much.

  14. Shreya

    hi shanthi aunty thank you so much.

  15. Shreya

    hi kumar uncle thank you. if we do not fight and be positive we will get more water and if you wish for water it will come.

  16. Shreya

    Hi sree anna thank you and yes we cannot live without water.

  17. Kumchith

    Hi shreya

    Yours thoughts are very True. We cannot think of even 1 hour without water.

    How do you select your topics?

    Kumchith & Rama Chithi

  18. Shreya

    dear kumchith and rama chithi
    thank you the topics just come to my mind prshhht!!

  19. Padhu Thatha

    Dear Shreya Kutty,

    Kum Chith is Kum Thatha for you, and rama Chithi is also rama Patti for you.. got it ?

    Padhu Thatha

  20. Ramya

    Hi Shreya, very thoughtful.

    I do accept ur view that we all have to take the responsibility to save every drop of it.

    Pls spread the message & awareness among your friends too. It would be very mean of us to take for granted nature’s gift like water, greenery, air & land. In fact they are more precious than anything else because these are things we cannot produce ourselves. These are God given and the resource is limited. But sadly we tend to think “it will always be there”. The fact unfortunately is, if we continue to think like that these natural resources may not be available for the next generations to come.

    So we shall SAVE it to HAVE it!

    Luv, Ramya

  21. Sumathi Aunty

    Truly wonderful….. Your brilliance is just amazing… it’s really heartwarming to see a small child with great thoughts and value at such a young age…!
    Shreya, at this point I certainly need to speak about your parents…
    You know, i am actually not surprised on seeing your writing skills coz in know you as Shoba’s daughter…!!

    Shoba and Sanjay – the young parents who other than being very loving, and understanding, I find them very communicative and they are able to imbibe good thoughts and great values to you. I am sure they must have been a “Whole” parents having positive thoughts and educating you good values to you even as you were a fetus in your Amma’s womb So you are born as a “whole “ baby of theirs. I trust, you would acknowledge my words at any point of time in your life.

    No doubt, you will turn out to be a responsible as well as respective citizen of the nation and a wonderful human being with poise and grace.

    I am sure Shipra is the best and the sweetest sister you could ever have.
    Love and hugs , Aunty.

  22. Sanjay

    Shreya Kutty,

    Very good post. Youre right, We need think about how do we conserve our natural resources on planet earth


  23. Sujatha

    Hi Shreya:

    I am your mom’s colleague.It was really nice of you to take topics like these, which are important for the future. It definitely sends a message that water is the “Elixir’ of all our lives.

    Great Post. Continue the good work.


  24. keerthivasan

    Hi Shreya

    I am keerthivasan studying in 3rd standard , son of Krithiga Srinivasan. You have written very well about water.

    We kids will join together and spread this message to everyone to save water. If we dont do, after 20 years we people will not have water .


  25. Shreya

    Dear Ramaya akka,

    Air polution, water polution and mainly noise polution. If we waste these precious things we will all suffer in the future and I can tell you some points for not poluting.

    First air polution – If we don’t smoke, dont throw garbage, and avoid vechicle polution then the air will be clean

    Water polution – In my class we are studying about earth and in one class work sheet we were studying about water polution where we saw a picture of a lake with fish and people throwing bottles, plastic covers and ciggrates, syringes where in the water. And if we dont throw things like that we can save water.

    Noise polution – It is very simple, don’t make loud noises. If every body is screaming may be the earth will shake or may trees will fall

  26. Shreya

    Dear Sumathy Aunty,

    Thank you for your nice comments. My parents are really nice and loving. I love my mother and father very much. Even when I was a little child my mother used to help me in my home work and my parents always think positive and my parents tought me dont worry about anything. Even now when there is a problem at home my parents try to stay positive and control it and tell me not to get sad. My sister is very cute and funny and she does get mad some times. But she is just a little child.

  27. Shreya

    Dear Apppa

    I am so happy you are back here. I love you.

  28. Shreya

    Dear Sujatha akka thanks for your comments. I remember I saw you at Mcdonalds at Asandas and you told me not to call you aunty.

  29. Shreya

    Dear Keethivasan I have met you at my sister’s birthday party. We can all spread this new at our school. Please keep visiting my blog.

  30. madhu

    hey shreya,

    each day u cum up with thoughts is really gud.. tats really sumthin we hv 2 think abt … hope ur msgs spreads to everyone and we all start workin towards it and save water and lyf…

  31. Shreya

    hi madhu akka, thnks.cooll english.

  32. Shreya

    hi madhu akka, thnks.cooll english. u hve tought me how 2 speak english like that.

  33. Jass

    Thats very thoughtful shreya! The world would be a so much better place if everyone actually did their bit 🙂

  34. Archana Raghuram

    What a nice thought, Sraya. “Respect water and save water”. That is why is our religion all aspects of nature were worshipped as gods. Without them no life can exist. Your post reminded me of a sanskrit sloka is praise of mother earth
    “O mother, whose dress are the oceans and whose chest are the mountains, fogive me for touching you with my feet”

  35. senthil

    Shreya.. the water from our kitchen and bathroon ends in sewage.. sewage is drained in to rivers and lakes.. what are we going to do about it?? (Just kindling your curiosity?? 🙂 )

  36. Shreya

    Hi Jass Uncle, thank you so much.

  37. Shreya

    Dear Archan aunty, thank you so much. My grand parents tell the same thing too.

  38. Shreya

    Dear Senthil Uncle, we can ask the government to save the water. We also can not put sewage i the water

  39. Gayathri

    Hi Shreya

    Am your mom’s collegue…

    Many more happy returns of the Day…

    I wish all your dreams come true

    Hav a nice day!

  40. gkmalli

    shreya kutti.
    excellent. we agree with u. we should save water. it absolutely essensial as we are in chennai, the city longing for water for long time and continuing fight with karnataka without any end. good comment continue with other areas also.

  41. Annapoorani


    Nice writeup about water…You are correct…We never respect it…..Let us put our hands together and try to save it as much as possible….

  42. saikrishna

    i agree.

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