Why is the world fighting?

Posted On June 29, 2008

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I the sky am so Blue

I the wind blow so hard

I the water flow like Blood

I the land am so hard

I the earth stay for Zillion years

But why is the world fighting ā€“ Answer?

This means that nature is powerful and does not say ‘I am stronger than you, you are stronger than me”. They do not fight with each other. We are also a part of nature we are also a little powerful but why do we fight?


33 Responses to “Why is the world fighting?”

  1. Ramnath

    Chow Chow mami,
    Excellent Post.Well if all the human beings on earth think the same way, it would be a perfect world.

  2. Chithi,Chitha

    Dear Chellam,
    Dai kutti super aa iruku.One day for sure things will get better If we all constantly keep hoping for it.


  3. rajagopal sukumar

    Good question Shreya. Maybe because we focus on our differences rather than similarities?

  4. Suji

    Nice post, Shreya & well thought!!

  5. Shreya

    Dear Chitha chithi

    Ousmanikapampy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks

    shreya kutty!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Shreya

    Chow chow mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how about telling every governemt to tell their people to please stop fighting with each other

  7. Shreya

    Dear Sukumar Uncle

    you have made a nice comment. I say we think we are different thats why fight but we all are the same for example take a dog and the cat. The dog does not look like the cat and the cat does not look like the dog. that is why they are running and chasing and fighting but still they are all animals right.


  8. Shreya

    Thanks suji aunty can you please tell brath uncle to read my blog

  9. Sanjay

    Shreya Kutty,

    Excellent post.

    You are asking a very good question. We all identify with things (my book, my house, my car, my country) and ideas (my belief, my religion, my idea) that we fail to recognize others ideas and the things that we have in common, and that’s why we fight with each other.

  10. Sree

    Good and Valid question Shreya! You think so deep! šŸ™‚
    Well…guess people fight because they believe in survival of the fittest…but they have not realised that its not that way always!!
    Self obsession could be another reason…we hardly can think of ourselves to be equal to someone else, let alone lower/inferior!!

  11. S Ramachandran

    Very nice Shreya,
    Congrats. Keep questioning.
    Elements of nature are humble though mighty;
    Human beings are selfish & arrogant though very little powerful.
    Once we realise that every one is a tiny part of the same God,we will not fight against one another. Will our right hand fight our left hand? Same is the case.
    Ramachandran Uncle
    D Block, Anirudh

  12. Chan

    Dear Shreya

    I hope to find the answer for this as i grow up and i would gladly share it with you then. Till such time, what we could do as individuals is
    1. not to fight
    2. not to provoke fighting.

    Keep smiling! Keep writing!


  13. Padhu Periappa

    Shreya Kutty, more doubts you learn more ..
    Baba says the root cause of all fighting is hatered, intolerance, and lack of spritual practice..
    Love all , hurt none, is His Divine Advise

  14. shantha athai

    Dear Shreya,

    You are a small girl but your thoughts are very big & noble.If all the people and especially terrorists think like you, there wont be
    chaos in this world.

    Keep on writing.

    With luv,


  15. shantha athai

    Dear Shreya,

    You are small but your thoughts are very big.If all the people think like u there won’t be chaos.you have high imagination.

    With luv ,


  16. shantha athai

    Dear Shreya

    You Are small but your thoughts are very big.If all the people think like u there won’t be any chaos in the world.

    shantha athai.

  17. shreya

    hey shreya!!!!
    its really very sweet of u to think so big in such a small age… hope every1 does realize this and work it out…
    go on sweetie…

  18. Shreya

    Yo man, I think if we think of fighting, then we will keep on fighting, But, if we think of anything good then I think your thoughts will become free and we will stop fighting. If somebody says mine, mine, mine then the other person should give away. This will also stop fight

  19. Shreya

    Hi Sree anna, this is the answer for my question.

  20. Shreya

    Uncle, actually I think we are also a part of God, but you say we are a tiny bit of God. I think God changed into many forms like Vishnu, sivan and other spiritual people like them. Then he changed himself into us. we dont know this and that is why we fight

  21. Shreya

    Chan uncle your suggestion was nice. I think every body should not provoke fighting

  22. Shreya

    Padhu thatha, what baba says is very very correct

  23. Shreya

    Shantha athai, yes,I am very small. The first time i started writing it was impossible for me to beleive i am writing. I dont know how I am writing, but I just write. I saw all the bloggers name, they all are very big and they do blogs. I could not beleive that I was blogging.

  24. Shreya

    Hi Madhu akka. if everybody realizes it will be nice. but people dont understand.

  25. madhu

    tats true.. its really very difficult to make ppl realize abt this.. its jus hard work and luck ofcourse to make ppl realize this

  26. Jaya

    Thanks for sharing this with me Shoba..
    Hi Shreya,
    Very glad to read your blog. Your thoughts are really amazing shreya..My best wishes! Am sure you are going to come up as a great personality..Hope to get an autograph from you then! šŸ™‚

    Hope all of our wishes come true one day. Eagerly looking forward to your next post.

  27. Shreya

    Dear madhu akka
    thank you

  28. Shreya

    Dear jaya aunty

    thank you so much. i am very happy to know that you will take my autograph one day.

  29. rajagopal sukumar

    Good example of a dog and a cat Shreya.

  30. Shreya

    Dear Sukumar Uncle, thank you so much.

  31. Annapoorani


    Kewl post!!!!!!!!!!!!You have excellent style of writing!!!!…
    \\We are also a part of nature we are also a little powerful but why do we fight?\\\loved these lines……..
    kep them coming buddy!!!!!!1

  32. Sairam Behera


    Nice poem with great thought.
    But you know sometimes nature becomes cruel also like heavy rain, flood,earthquake etc, similarly our natures also sometimes become bad and then we fight.

  33. saikrishna

    good one.

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