Wishing and Expecting

Posted On June 15, 2008

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Q ) Expecting – What is expecting?

A ) Expecting is when your mind only works but your heart says ‘no don’t do it’ but your mind forces your heart that the mind is the best.


Q) If you expect then what do you get?

A ) You get nothing.


Q ) Why ?

A ) That’s because your heart and your mind are not working together. Your mind is so selfish.


Q ) Oh! Then what is wishing?

A ) Wishing is really simple. When you wish your mind AND your heart works together.


Q ) What do you get?

A ) What ever you wish


36 Responses to “Wishing and Expecting”

  1. rajagopal sukumar

    Welcome aboard. You must be amongst the youngest bloggers in the world. Very interesting and insightful distinction between wishing and expecting. You are off to a great start.

  2. shreyasjournal

    Thanks for the nice comment.I am very happy

  3. Ramnath

    Chow Chow mami,
    Wow!. Great work. Keep it up. Way to go mami.

  4. Suji

    Wonderful blog about wishing & expecting! So true! It’s cool that you’ve created a blog & put in your thoughts there. Good job! Hoping to read more of these.

    A quote I comes to my mind when I think about things I wish can change out in the world:

    Be the change you wish to change in the world – Gandhi.

    Lots of love,

  5. sujatha

    Welcome to blogging. Waiting to hear and know more about you.


  6. Hema


    Very insightful post!! Great start. Waiting to read more of your thoughts.

    Hope all your wishes come true.


  7. Dinesh

    A rolicking debut. Really interesting to see gr8 maturity at this age. Keep blogging.

    -Dinesh Mama

  8. Sanjay

    Well done Shreya I’m very proud of you.

  9. Ramya


    May all your wishes & dreams come true. Really thought provoking post. Waiting to read and know more about your thoughts. Enjoy blogging!!!

  10. Gayathri

    Hi Shreya

    Am your Mom’s collegue. When she sent us a mail on this, I was really impressed and extremely delighted to see your post at this young age. Great thought!

    Hoping to see more from you.

    – Gayathri

  11. Hajura

    Hi Shreya,
    Interesting that you are blogging at this age. Keep going.

  12. Kartheeban

    Great Shreya. Sweet post.

    Thanks Shoba for making your daughter to blog at this your age. I’m sure that your daughter will do wonders once she is grow up.

    All the best Shreya.

  13. Vinay


    This is a great start. As Sukumar said, you must be one of the youngest bloggers — certainly you are the youngest I know.

    Amazing post — insightful and really significant for a lot of youngsters — from some one of your age. Wish you all the very best always.

  14. Archana Raghuram

    Hi Shreya – Welcome to blogosphere. It is a pleasure to meet young children like you in the bloggin world. I loved your definitions. Keep writing. Hope to meet you often.

  15. Vidhyu Rao

    Hello Shreya – I am your mom’s colleague and it is fantastic to see you on the blogsphere. Keep writing and who knows, you may publish your compilations as a book by the time you reach High School! I will be one of your first fans!!!!

    Wishing – is also equivalent to dreaming and you can dream whatever you want. Put your mind to it, I guarantee that you will achieve your dreams and wishes.

    Wish you the best!

  16. Nadha

    Hi Shreya,

    Am totally amazed ! A well thought-out blog at such a young age ! Absolutely fantastic!

    Keep writing .. coz we are all waiting to see what comes NEXT:-)

    -Nadha Aunty

  17. shreyasjournal

    Chow,Chow mami say’s thank’s

  18. shreyasjournal

    Dear uncles and aunties thank you very much. I am very happy.

  19. Sree

    Wonderfully written Shreya…loved your thoughts! 🙂
    Keep it up buddy…5 stars to you! 🙂

    And plz don’t call me uncle…ok dear? 😀
    Call me just Sree…am very young at heart! 😉

  20. Sree

    And I loved your header…especially the quote “Follow your dreams”! 😀

  21. senthil

    Shreya.. Any plans to contest for Guinness record? 🙂 i believe, you could be the youngest blogger in this world..

    Your mom is great and foresighted.. 🙂 cheers to her also..

  22. Meena

    Hi Shreya,
    I am your mom’s colleague, have been reading your mom’s blog and I guess you really take after her.
    Such insightful thoughts – I have never really thought about the difference between wishing and expecting.But your post provides such a simple but profound explanation.

    Great work keep going and hope to see more such wonderful posts from you.

  23. Chan

    Hi Shreya

    ‘Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen’ says Michael Jordan, one of the great American basketball player. Its nice to see you starting with ‘want and wish ‘as your first post. Am sure you would make all your wants and wishes happen.

    Hearty wishes


  24. Jason

    Dear Shreya,
    Nice to see you blog at a young age. Looking forward to many such wonderful posts.
    Colonel Uncle.

  25. Revs

    shreya!! sweetheart!! 🙂
    really really nice blog!!
    keep writing!!

  26. Chitha ,Chithi

    Dear Shreya Kutti,
    When you showed your writing to me at Vals I felt what a great thought for such a young girl.When I see it now in the blog I feel you are going to catch a great place in writng .We are looking forward to see more of these .

    Chitha Chithi

  27. shreyasjournal

    Hi Swami Sir, thank very you.

    Appa, Chitha,Chithi, Dinesh mama, Ramaya akka and Suji aunty – thank you very much

    Sree anna, uncles and aunties – thank you very very much

  28. saikrishna

    intressting you have become a genius
    we are very proud of you
    keep on going forward
    thanks for the idea
    now i’ll also start a blog

  29. Shreya

    Hi Krishna,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for visiting me at my house.

    It is about your blog. If you want to type straight away and you forget then you might not be able to do your blog again. So write your blogs in ruled notebook and then type it.

  30. Sumathi Aunty

    Dear Shreya Papa,

    Wow……extremely impressive blog post.

    The most imaginative and unusual. Excellent way to start a blog …

    It is Shoba and Sanjay’s pride having you as their child.

    Be proud of what you are doing and I’d like to see more so I’ll always be keeping an eye on your blog ..

    My earnest prayers to God for your success and happiness always….
    With love, Sumathi Aunty

  31. Shreya

    Dear Sumathy Aunty, thank you so much.

  32. Mathuram

    Wonderful post Shreya! Thought provoking one. Good to see you to share these nice ones in the blog. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Annapoorani


    This post is simply too good…Nice explanation about
    excepting and wishing….You are simply rocking…. 🙂

  34. Thilaga

    hey Shreya,

    Amazing.. the youngest blogger!! Your thoughts & explanations on Wishing & Expecting is too good!

    Keep it up..

  35. Sairam Behera

    Dear Shreya

    Hope you will always wish something rather than except and Almighty GOD will definitely fulfill your wish. We should alwyas wish for the welfare of whole mankind.

  36. saikrishna

    i’m proud of you

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